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The New Unreal Tournament is here!

The New Unreal Tournament is here! Currently more than pre alpha version.

The New Unreal Tournament is also playable online, to ye must but here in the (Unreal Tournament Forum) register. The forum is in English!

You can also use the new Unreal Tournament here in the forum to download,
or even in our download area in the category Unreal Tournament 4 Pre Alpha.

Welcome Guest at COPT Clan

You are on the homepage of the UT2004 fun clan COPT (Clan Of Premium Targets).
COPT clan is a group of players and sponsors who finance a couple of UT2004 servers with their clan subs.
We are a bunch of UT2004 players just wanting to have fun on our servers. It is not about competition – that's why we consider ourselves as „premium targets“.

Want to have fun with us? Join us!
Want to talk to us? Join our free-4-all Teamspeak server!

Come on, have a go!

You would like to be a COPT?

We are constantly recruiting clanmembers! The more clanmembers, the more fun!
Any further questions about the membership? Have a look at this:


What is the COPT Clan?

Are there any rules?

How to become a COPT clanmember?

The advantages of being a COPT member!

How much is the clan subs?

Teamspeak 3 Server click for connect